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-Design is the fundamental ability to redefine problems and respond creatively to change

anticipating the future by creating it, turning innovation into sustainable growth.

Mariana Arrioja is a design consultant based in New York City, and a former Fulbright Scholar with 10+ years of creative agency and management experience bringing products and brands to life. She has a multicultural upbringing, speaks several languages and has a “make things happen” mentality.

She specializes in multi-disciplinary creative design including design strategy, product design, branding, space design (workspaces, hospitality, retail, display, signage), design thinking and methodologies. In business, she has experience in design management, business development, design systems and operations. Within the sectors: Consumer Goods, Health Care & Wellness, Fashion, Technology, and Hospitality.

Over the past decade she has worked with internationally acclaimed design studios like bread design group as their Head of Design, Neko Studio, Arta Ceramica Design and Prime Studio, as Chief of Staff to the Founder.

She has successfully developed projects from concept to launch for Fortune 500 companies and startups bringing new products and brands to life. She has worked with clients such as Brookfield Property Group, The Wink Hotel, Colgate-Palmolive, Reaktor, Care/Of, Grupo Gasored, Madison & Park Hospitality Group, Moxie Made by Rachel Ray, among others..

She has dedicated her career to finding new ways of doing things and creating unconventional solutions to problems, by not using a “cookie cutter solution”. As a curious creative, a starter and always hungry for knowledge, she has developed a career and a reputation in this industry as a creative forward-thinker, a natural strategist, and with a “make things happen” mentality. As a creative maker and thinker, it is through design that she believes in connecting people with unique experiences by breaking traditional forms, to solve, impress and inspire others.

Mariana has received numerous awards including the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship Award, the General Motors Award, the 5th Biennale National Ceramic Prize and the AHEC American Hardwood Export Council Furniture Award. Most recently her new e-commerce platform launch, “Moxie Made” by celebrity Rachael Ray, was awarded the ACE “Business Launch of 2019” by the Accessories Council.

Her work has been featured in many publications, media outlets and museums like the Franz Mayer Museum of decorative arts. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Universidad Iberoamericana and a Masters of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute.

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