Product Design and Research For the aging consumer (Oral Care)


Objective / Lead an ergonomics focused project in in the Oral Care category using design thinking to create innovative packaging solutions for the brand. 

Goal / Develop and present designs which highlight ergonomic and business opportunities. 

Achieve a fundamental understanding of the challenges faced by the aging consumer.

• Convert understandings into key insights.

• Define a consumer need for the Oral Care category

• Develop design solutions addressing that need. 

Year / 2013

Design Research

Social and Cultural Background, Retail store, Home visits


Design Exploration & Refinement: 

Concept development, Mockups, Sketching, Prototyping.

Design Criteria:

  • Easy To Open & Use (Comfort)
  • Complete Evacuation (Financial Value)
  • Familiar Concept (Habits)
  • Product Quality (Perceived Value)


Final design solutions