Project Medication Management System / App design for Danish Nursing Homes

Lene is a user friendly medication management system designed for nursing homes.

Its aim is to help keep track of the medication regime and to manage the patient overall wellbeing and treatment. With Lene the nursing home staff is able to access the resident's medication treatment, schedule, dietary restrictions, among other features. 

Includes features such as:

  • NFC technology
  • Resident Database
  • Medication Library
  • Uses visual language as to prevent error
  • Medication dosing and schedule
  • Customizable reminders
  • Refill aid
  • Doctor and network connection 


According to the Danish Patient Insurance Association (DPIA)

Between 1996 to 2008, a total of 80 patients were registered as having died because of an adverse error with a medication, and 37 of these cases were considered to have been preventable.

Incorrect dosing was the cause of 17 deaths, and the use of the wrong drug caused 11 deaths. The administration of a drug despite a known allergy / intolerance or contraindication caused 6 deaths. 


Visual Language + NFC Technology

Lene is a smart system that combines NFC Technology in Smartphones or Tablets with NFC Stickers using an innovative visual language. 

By using simple and recognizable shapes and a color code system equiped with an NFC sticker, medical staff is able to properly administer medication.

Unlike any other system, this simple solution shifts the paradigm of what is medication management today.